Bryan Dinh
Bryan DinhPresident & Founder
Growing up Bryan Dinh was always fascinated with movement. How and why people walk and move the way they do. His curiosity drove him to pursue training in Martial Arts at the age of 8. Throughout the years, the disciplines that Bryan has practiced include Chinese Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Jujitsu and Boxing. Years later, after suffering an injury to his left hand where he almost severed his finger, Bryan took some time off to recover and landed a job on a commercial fishing boat doing heavy labor work. After a while doing the same repetitive motions with heavy lifting, Bryan noticed discomfort and pain in the body, primarily on his right side from the low back up to the neck. Physically in pain Bryan sought out the conventional remedies from physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy and did not get any relief.

Frustrated with the current western system, Bryan then sought out relief in his home country of Vietnam. Here he visited every expert in the field of pain relief and still got no results. Aggravated with the situation, Bryan ran out of Doctors to see and started contemplated whether surgery would be the solution.

Instead, Bryan left his faith in his own hands and was determined to get relief by any means necessary. It was in the early days of experimenting with his body that Bryan clued into a method of correction that allows relief and movement.
Later, Bryan discovered the joy of building up his own body though working out at the gym. However, Bryan soon realized that focusing just on strength training eventually leads to an imbalance in the body that ultimately leads to injuries. Most people who have been training for a long time can relate how hard training leads to injury. With an injury, all the progress that has been made through all that hard work becomes wasted.

Determined to find results again, Bryan started his journey to perfect a method of training that would not only help him stay healthy, but also get the fitness result that he wanted. Under the guidance of American College of Sports Medicine and BCRPA certification, Bryan has perfected a method of training (Body Motion Fitness Training) that has helped numerous people regain their quality of life through pain management and total body wellness.

Now correcting injuries with what Bryan felt was a perfect way of training he found himself dealing with new clients with new injuries and ailments. These individuals came to Bryan saying they were unsolvable because they already went through the medical system with no relief or answer. Bryan looked at this like another problem to solve but quickly found out that his method of movement, training and stretching was not getting answers. Bryan needed to find another solution and slowly case after case Bryan was stumbling across a method of circulation work that was getting relief to clients. Doing further research into the technique that Bryan was in tuned to, he realized this was similar to Tui na. (Traditional Chinese Massage which has existed for thousands of years) This method made sense because the areas of the body in which clients were experiencing pain/discomfort, simple movement patterns did not work because the area did not have sufficient circulation aiding the function. Logically, Bryan thought if the area got increased circulation then it should theoretically heal itself and work. Case after case this method spoke for itself because people were getting relief. The amazing thing is that Bryan clued into this system of healing through natural methods without the use of any medical device, gadgets or gismos.

Now Bryan has dedicated his life to spreading his unique and proven system of circulation so that anyone can truly benefit and regain their quality of life.

Kirk Fisher
Kirk Fisher Founder
Kirk Fisher is the co-founder and chief executive officer for HealthTech Connex Inc. As one of the founding developers of Innovation Boulevard, Kirk is Senior Vice President of The Lark Group.

Kirk specializes in healthcare innovation through the development of advanced care infrastructure, such as hospitals, clinics, and care homes. With a background in engineering (P.Eng., UBC) and business (MBA, SFU), Kirk has extensive experience in corporate management, project planning, business operations, investment and strategic business growth. Kirk is versed in medical technologies, independent living technologies, and digital health technologies and works closely with many of the clinical, university, and business sector partners.

Kirk is currently co-leading the development of the Health and Technology District adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital, in which HealthTech Connex is a key founding business.