Circu Team

Bryan Dinh — Founder & President
Growing up Bryan Dinh was always fascinated with movement. How and why people walk and move the way they do. His curiosity drove him to pursue training in Martial Arts at the age of 8. Throughout the years, the disciplines that Bryan has practiced include Chinese Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Jujitsu and Boxing. Years later, after suffering an injury to his left hand where he almost severed his finger, Bryan took some time off to recover and landed a job on a commercial fishing boat doing heavy labor work. After a while doing the same repetitive motions with heavy lifting, Bryan noticed discomfort and pain in the body, primarily on his right side from the low back up to the neck. Physically in pain Bryan sought out the conventional remedies from physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy and did not get any relief.